Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Mulligan!

We had a new friend join us today, Mulligan (Golden Retriever). He had a great time playing with Tiki (Golden Retriever) and Otto (English Spaniel). Chico (Lhasa Poo) and Lucy (Papillon) may have a budding romance. Cooper (Maltese) and Buster (Maltese) were pals again today. Chico also played a lot with Shadow (Norwegian Elkhound). Molly (Mountain Cur) enjoyed wrestling a little with Tiki again today. JJ (Lab mix) and Koco (Lab) played with King (Shepherd mix) and with Mattie (English Bulldog). Mattie still plays super hard when she gets here and totally wears herself out. King enjoyed chasing a ball out in the yard, and had a visit from a potential new mommy.

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