Friday, March 27, 2009

Throw the doors open!

What a lovely spring day! We have the big doors open in the playroom, so we can run in and out all we want. Some of us have been sunbathing, like Tiki (Golden Retriever), Callie (Shelti) and Shadow (Norwegian Elkhound). Chico (Lhasa Poo) is quite the popular guy. He had a visitor today. Lucy (Papillon), Buster (Maltese), Guinness (Terrier mix) and Chico have been playing together a lot. They have been the little "sheep" for Jackson (Border Collie) to herd. He also played ball with his little brother Mason (Border Collie). Hank (Shepherd mix) and King (Shepherd mix) have been a great match today. They were ready for their first break by 8:30 and were really ready to rest by nap time. Dodger (Golden Retriever) started the day with the big guys and moved next door to play with us smaller dogs half way through the morning. He fits in great with either group. Gatsby (Lab) stopped by to play for a little while late in the morning while his mommy visited with my mommy. Hank says he hopes Gatsby comes back to visit soon. We also had a visit from another little friend who should be coming to play here soon. I'll keep his identity a secret for now. I hear it's fun to be mysterious sometimes.

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