Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday a day late

Mommy and I were busy getting our car to the repair shop and picking up our rental car yesterday, so I didn't have a chance to write my blog. Don't tell the rental car people that I'll be riding in the car. They said no dogs, but I have to get to work.

On Tuesday we had a great crowd! Breezie (Boxer), Rowdy (Boxer), JJ (Lab mix), Koco (Lab) Molly (Moutain Cur), and Chloe (Brittany) played together in the big room. In the small room we had Molly (Beagle), Molly (Yorkie/Bichon), Cooper (Maltese), Koda (Shepherd mix), Tiki (Golden Retriever), Teddy (Poodle mix), and Betsy (Cocker Spaniel). Molly and Betsy liked the extra attention from Ed (Human). Cooper and Teddy played together with little Molly, while Koda and Tiki wrestled.

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