Friday, March 13, 2009

Lily lays down

None of us are spooked at all that it's Friday the 13th. Mommy and I had our bad luck early in the week, so we are just due for good stuff today.
Lily (Weimeraner) is really settling in with us. She enjoyed snuggling up with TC (Human) in the playroom today and played a little ball. I keep telling her that Mommy and Daddy are watching her on the camera, and that makes her feel good. Mason (Border Collie) played ball - no surprise there. His big brother Jackson (Border Collie) played a little ball and was the referee for Renee (Human) and Mason's game. Koda (Shepherd mix), Tiki (Golden Retriever), and Parker (English Bulldog) were a great trio. Parker really wears himself out. I'm sure he was ready for naptime. Cooper (Maltese), Guinness (Terrier mix) and I played together with Riley (Lhasa Poo). This is his first long day with us. Lily and I told him how great it is here, and he seems to be pretty relaxed now, too. Betsy (Cocker Spaniel) spent most of the morning with us, but her mommy came to pick her up. She was so happy to see her family after spending over a week with us. I hope she comes back to see us again soon!

Mommy is insisting on posting this picture of me. I tried to steal that last couple of cookies out of Laiken's (Human) cookie box. The good news is that I did get a banana cookie. The bad news is my head was stuck in the box.

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