Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy birthday to Hank!

We are having a party today in honor of Hank (Shepherd mix). He turns one today! Two of his best friends came today just to join in the festivities, Dodger (Golden Retriever) and Jethro (Lab/Shepherd mix). Also here to celebrate today are Koco (Lab), Tiki (Golden Retriever), Cooper (Golden Retriever), Molly (Mountain Cur), Mason (Border Collie), Jackson (Border Collie), and Macie (Wheaton Poo). Hank's mom brought us all yummy goodies from the dog bakery. (Thank you Hank's mom!) We gobbled them up fast. Hank, Jethro, and Koco had a big tug of war game going on. I'm not sure who won. We'll say Hank did, since it's his birthday. Cooper got to hang out as a big dog for part of this morning and fit in perfectly. He's getting so big! I remember when we were the same size. Molly ran around and wrestled with Tiki. Neither of the girls was quite ready to wrestle with the big guys like Koco. Don't tell JJ, but I think Koco liked having three boyfriends today. Today is Macie's first day in daycare. She is having a great time! She loved running with the border collies and with the goldens. Of course, she had fun playing with me, too. I hope she comes back soon!
Happy birthday to Hank! Happy birthday to Hank! Happy birthday to Hank!

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