Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foster pups!

My mommy and I are hoping to help our foster pups all find new homes for Valentine's Day. We have Tucker, a mixed breed boy, around a year old who is such a love. He has a huge crush on Daisy the boxer, so he's hoping to find a home near her. (or one that will bring him to the lodge to play) He loves kids, and does well with big or little dogs. He's really not that much bigger than me, so he is a solid "medium" size.
Alvin is a beagle boy. He looks a lot like me, so you know he's a good looking boy. He seems to love every person and every dog he meets. He does have a loud singing voice. I think it's beautiful, but I've heard some people don't like the beagle bay. (What are they thinking?)
Finally, we have a litter of six golden mix puppies: Cooper, Copper, Newman, Cookie, Cathy, and Honey. They are around 4 months old and having a great time learning how to play with new friends. They moved up here from NC.
Valentine's Day is a time for loving. These pups would all like to have a family to love them forever. I hope they can be lucky like me.