Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009

We are enjoying our last day of play in 2009. We're going out with a great party, playing late into the night. We have two rooms of high energy. Ben (Heeler mix), Boomer (Golden Doodle), Brok (Boxer), Capone (Doberman), Daisy (Boxer), Jade (Rottweiler), Jager (German Shorthaired Pointer) and JJ (Lab mix) are in the big room. They like to chase bubbles, balls or each other. There is also a lot of singing going on in there. JJ keeps running up the big slide and seems to be the only on in the room who can do it. Jager likes to grab a toy, have the crowd chase him, then run into a crate for a break. Daisy and Brok seemed to realize half way through the night that they both like to box. What a good pair! Jade and Boomer are happy to chase or wrestle anyone who walks by. Capone is an expert at getting a butt scratch. He'll run around with the dogs then casually rub up to the staff. Ben is an expert bubble catcher and has a new BFF in JJ.
In the small room we have Emmit (Beagle), Maya (Border Collie/Spaniel mix), Otto (English Setter), Izzy (Lab), Koda (Shepherd mix), Chloe (Brittany), Kimber (Pomeranian), Rudy (Border Collie mix), Mack (Mix), Zoey (Lab mix), Lexus (Pug), and Zoey (Mix). Rudy and Maya are running a lot. Otto has a little crush on Koda. Lexus, Emmit and Izzy really liked chasing bubbles. Mack started out at full speed of running and playing, took a little break and was playing hard with Zoey again by 9pm. Chloe and Kimber are taking turns running around and napping on the bed. Camo (Lab) and Finley (Golden Retriever) were here for the beginning of the party but both headed home for the night. They had been playing all day and looked exhausted.
Happy New Year!
Betty and all her friends at the Lodge