Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye my friend.

I am so sad to have learned that I lost a good friend. Poppy was the best ball chaser around. I will miss her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Change is happening here

The lodge has been going through some changes this month. The biggest is in our lobby. Our retail boutique is taking it over. Mommy just put out some new Halloween toys that look great. She told me I can't have one, that they are for our guests. If that's not enough for me to handle, the food moved, so I now have a new shelving unit to guard as my friends leave. I keep hearing the food isn't all mine, but I find that hard to believe. Molly (beagle) inspected it all when she was leaving today, and declares the expansion a good thing. Hopefully she can help me sample some new treats.

Some dogs were too focused on playing to even notice the changes: Hank (Bernese/Shepherd mix), Koco (Lab), Boomer (Labradoodle), and Dozer (Husky). Avery (Lab/Pitbull mix) and Raia (Doberman/Pitbull mix) played hard with Jade (Rottweiler), Daisy (Doberman/Pitbull mix) and Mulligan (Golden Retriever). Mackenzie (Lab mix) joined the crowd in the afternoon. She may have a little crush on Hank. Over in the small dog room, Taffy (Corgi) played with Milo (Lab mix), Brandy (Shiba Inu), Molly (Mountain Cur) and Cooper (Maltese). Dozer got to spend a little time in the small room, too. He loves to run and wrestle, and is so excited about his parents' wedding this weekend. Congrats!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The last days of summer

I have had a super busy summer, and have loved meeting all of my new friends. Now that school is starting back, it looks like we are going to have a few less friends sleeping over during the week, but many more coming just for the day. Today we have some regulars and some newbies.
Annie (Airedale), Morgan (German Shorthair Pointer), Chelse (German Shorthair Pointer), Maddie (Shih Tzu), Maya (Border Collie mix), Sadie Blue (Australian Shepherd), Brandy (Shiba Inu), Ollie (Cockapoo), Gunny (Boxer), Mason (Border Collie), Jackson (Border Collie), Tiki (Golden Retriever), Daisy (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Avery (Lab/Pitbull mix), Raia (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Ruthie (St. Bernard), Zeus (St. Bernard), and Koco (Lab) are all here having a great time today.

The weather is perfect, so we have the overhead doors open for us to run in and out. We also have some water in our turtle pool. Maya and Sadie really like that! Annie liked chasing balls and running around with Maya, Sadie and Ollie. I played for a while with Mason, Jackson, and Avery. The boys were actually able to pull themselves away from the balls for a few minutes. :) Koco and Ruthie just met today but are already great friends. Koco kind of likes having a friend who is bigger than her. Ruthie also loves playing with Zeus. Raia and Daisy liked playing peek-a-boo from under the big slide in the playroom. Silly girls.