Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blueberry Vanilla Facials

Nothing says pampering like a good facial. I heard from our groomer Tara that they are actually good for me, too! They help clean up tear stains and muzzle stains. Some of my friends, especially some of the little white pups, have to get those tear stains cleaned regularly. Just one facial will dull the stains, and frequent facials can eliminate them completely.
Tara says the facials are gentle on the eyes. They help exfoliate and hydrate, leaving a softer complexion. My bulldog friends smell so clean and fresh after a blueberry vanilla facial. Of course, I always look gorgeous but feel even prettier after my facial. Here's a picture of my friend Josie getting her facial.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My adventures with raw food

Those of you who know me, know that I love food. Any food. Any time. Any place. So, when my mom announced that I would be switching to Sojos raw food for breakfast, I was ready to try it. That stuff is amazingly yummy! My older brother Bruno, also a beagle, has made the switch with me. He is a bit more finicky, so his approval of the food may mean a little more than mine. We are eating it for breakfast and still getting kibble for dinner.
My mom makes up several batches at a time and puts them in the fridge. She says it is easier than making the food right before meal time. (It has to sit for at least an hour to absorb the water when prepared.) We like the smell of the Sojos Complete Turkey blend the best, but the Complete Beef is also delicious.
I had my annual exam with my doctor just before making the diet switch. Mom is hoping the new food will help me lose 2-3 pounds. I'll go get weighed in a few weeks and will report back. I think I should be allowed to splurge on some extra treats as a reward for any weight loss. Sometimes having a vet tech for a mom is a bummer. I don't think she will do along with my plan.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bravo frozen raw food

My mom and the other trainers at the lodge talk a lot about nutrition. Apparently, the right food can help with behavior, keep you healthy and can be extra tasty. A woman with an amazing name (Betty) owns a company that makes and sells frozen raw food. She stopped by the lodge earlier this summer to meet with mom and John. They think Bravo sounds like a great addition to the foods offered at the lodge.
We are getting a freezer delivered to the lodge on Wednesday and will soon be getting our first shipment of Bravo. I am so excited about tasting it. It sounds delish!
Here's the website for Bravo, in case any of you would like to read up on the food some more. http://www.bravorawdiet.com/rawdiets.html

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I have a new sister!

Scout is my new little sister. She is now coming to work with me, and will be helping to run the lodge. She is only four months old, so likes to play with friends a little more than me. I am more of a nap on the couch and get a belly rub kind of girl. Of course, Scout likes those things, too.
Here's a picture of me and Scout with the daycare crowd yesterday, along with our friends Eliza and Chance.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A reminder about our training philosophy

This is posted on our website and at the front counter at the lodge. Because I want to be sure my friends are trained using the most humane methods available, I thought I'd share it again...

Our training philosophy:
We believe training should be based on a relationship of trust, not fear. For that reason, we use positive reinforcement, redirection and luring to train dogs at the lodge. The use of physical corrections and other aversive training methods (choke chains, prong collars, etc.) are prohibited in our training programs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Please stop hurting my friends

As the official greeter at Cold Nose Lodge, I meet a lot of dogs and their people. I have swapped training stories with some of my friends, and can't believe how many different training styles exist. My mommy trained me using lures and rewards. She still ignores me when I jump up, and doesn't feed me when I try to jump up to peek at the dinner table. (Lucky for me, I have a three-year-old girl who slips me food.) I sit for my dinner and for treats. I get a "good girl" when I potty in the yard.
Some of the training classes at the lodge use clickers. Those are fun, too. Click = treat! We dogs love to work for clicks.
I have heard of dogs who are fitted with choke chains and prong collars as the first step in training. I feel so lucky that I have never worn either of those. Yes, I probably would have learned how to sit if one was used on me, but I would also be much less trusting. I like to do what I'm asked because there may be something in it for me (praise, a belly rub, or maybe a tasty treat). I would hate to be put in the position to do something  because I would be hurt for not doing it. I don't do well with pain.
For those people who say the prong or choker don't hurt, you are wrong. My friends who have been forced to wear them say it hurts. The reason it works in training is because of the pain. Use gentle leaders, harnesses and other humane tools to teach us, and always let us know you love us and would never hurt us.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foster pups!

My mommy and I are hoping to help our foster pups all find new homes for Valentine's Day. We have Tucker, a mixed breed boy, around a year old who is such a love. He has a huge crush on Daisy the boxer, so he's hoping to find a home near her. (or one that will bring him to the lodge to play) He loves kids, and does well with big or little dogs. He's really not that much bigger than me, so he is a solid "medium" size.
Alvin is a beagle boy. He looks a lot like me, so you know he's a good looking boy. He seems to love every person and every dog he meets. He does have a loud singing voice. I think it's beautiful, but I've heard some people don't like the beagle bay. (What are they thinking?)
Finally, we have a litter of six golden mix puppies: Cooper, Copper, Newman, Cookie, Cathy, and Honey. They are around 4 months old and having a great time learning how to play with new friends. They moved up here from NC.
Valentine's Day is a time for loving. These pups would all like to have a family to love them forever. I hope they can be lucky like me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of my couch

With the cold weather, I have been spending a lot of time on my couch - the one at home and the one in the office at the lodge. From my office couch, I watch so many dogs who can't wait to get into a playroom to see their friends. I see so many people who are happy to leave their furry family members with the lodge staff, and they are even happier to pick up a tired dog later. From my couch, I see a lot of good.
This week, I hope to see someone stopping by to meet Tucker, our foster dog, and I will see Judd heading to his new home. From my couch, life looks good. Of course, it could be better with room service. Steak anyone?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am ready to make 2011 the best year ever! My mom and I love working at the lodge, and meeting so many wonderful dogs and their people. I think the people who like to give belly rubs by the front door are the best. :) I'm hoping to convert some more people into belly-rubbers this year.
Mom is hoping to get more dogs started on training early. She says starting with puppy kindergarten before your dog is 4 months old is the best thing you can do for your puppy. I did it, and look how great I turned out. She must know what she is talking about.

I look forward to seeing you by the front door often.