Monday, October 3, 2011

My adventures with raw food

Those of you who know me, know that I love food. Any food. Any time. Any place. So, when my mom announced that I would be switching to Sojos raw food for breakfast, I was ready to try it. That stuff is amazingly yummy! My older brother Bruno, also a beagle, has made the switch with me. He is a bit more finicky, so his approval of the food may mean a little more than mine. We are eating it for breakfast and still getting kibble for dinner.
My mom makes up several batches at a time and puts them in the fridge. She says it is easier than making the food right before meal time. (It has to sit for at least an hour to absorb the water when prepared.) We like the smell of the Sojos Complete Turkey blend the best, but the Complete Beef is also delicious.
I had my annual exam with my doctor just before making the diet switch. Mom is hoping the new food will help me lose 2-3 pounds. I'll go get weighed in a few weeks and will report back. I think I should be allowed to splurge on some extra treats as a reward for any weight loss. Sometimes having a vet tech for a mom is a bummer. I don't think she will do along with my plan.

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