Monday, March 2, 2009

Cooper loves the snow!

We are having a great time in the snow today. I think we all like it, but Cooper (Golden Retriever) loves it the most. There's a picture of him just plopping down in it. Even Dolce (Yorkie) seemed to like the snow a little. Mauby (Sheltie mix) and Sasha (Shiba Inu) played together again today. Mauby chased balls and Sasha chased her. JJ (Lab mix) wrestled with Midnight (Lab) for most of the morning. He also played with Dolly (Lab/Hound) and snuggled with her on the bed. Chico (Lhasa Poo) may have a little crush on Mauby already. He really liked hanging out with her today.
We have a temporary visitor here from Open Arms today too. We have been calling him Neo (Mastiff) but he doesn't have a name yet. He stopped to stay with us on his way to his new home. We don't know if we will see him again but wish him well.
Mommy says to remind everyone that they can "friend" us on Facebook to see our photo albums. Just search for "Cold Nose Lodge."

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