Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome Jaycie!

We are starting another week of fun at the lodge by welcoming a new puppy, Jaycie (English Springer Spaniel). She was a little nervous at first, but already has two new boyfriends - Otto (English Setter) and Cooper (Golden Retriever). Otto was her morning boyfriend, and Cooper was the afternoon man. In the morning, Cooper was with his other lady, Tiki (Golden Retriever). Barrett (American Bulldog mix) wanted to spend most of his time outside. He ran around with everyone but kept his eye on the door, just in case mom and dad came back early. Tucker (Golden Retriever) and Mulligan (Golden Retriever) and Indie (Carolina Dog) joined in on the yellow dog fun. Indie and Mulligan have lots of energy and can run so fast. Tucker likes being petted by the people just as much as playing with his friends. Shadow (Norwegian Elkhound) had moments of spunk, but she gets tired much faster than the little ones. Like Tucker, she enjoys a good scratch and pet. Koco (Lab) played with King (Shepherd mix) and they worked hard to wear each other out. Cooper and Tiki played with them a little but couldn't keep up.

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