Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Cooper!

We have another new friend today, Cooper (Maltese). He is a little nervous about the floors, but can really run and play hard outside. He wrestled and ran with Tiki (Golden Retriever) and Guinness (Terrier mix). Molly (Beagle) watched the show and took breaks on the bench and bed inside with Cooper. Trisha (Lab/Hound) and Dolly (Lab/Hound) think Cooper is really cute. They are hoping to play some more with him later this week. Molly (Mountain Cur) joined us just in time for a little play time before naps. She's ready to run this afternoon.
In the large room, the little lovebirds were back together. JJ (Lab mix) and Koco (Lab mix) played nicely. They also played some with Blitz (Bearded mix) and Chloe (Great Pyrenees), especially outside. The long haired dogs love the cool weather! Molly (Bearded Collie) and Mason (Border Collie) took turns chasing balls. Jackson (Border Collie) likes to run around with a toy in his mouth and keeps everything in order. He stops for some loving from Barbara (Human) and Renee (Human) from time to time.
Thanks Ed (Human) for hanging out in the small room again today! He has started visiting us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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