Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow won't keep us away

Although the local schools were all delayed today, Cold Nose Lodge opened right on time. We were ready to play! The foster puppies (Lab/Hound mix) did well their first night here. They now have names. Because they like to sing, they are named Trisha, Reba and Dolly. They are getting along with everyone here so well. They aren't quite beagle cute, but they are close. :)
Molly (Mountain Cur), Jackson (Border Collie), Mason (Border Collie), Sage (Pug), Tiki (Golden Retriever), and Lily (Weimeraner) are here to play today.
In a shocking development, Mason actually seemed a little tired for a few minutes today. He can normally play non-stop. Sage came in later in the day and really shook up the crowd just before nap. She loves being chased around the room. I don't think she cares if there is one dog or 10 chasing her. She just beams. Lily is really settling in nicely with us. She isn't into wrestling like the puppies, but likes to trot around the room and check on everyone.
I got to visit with Koco (Lab) for a little while. She still has two more days until her stitches come out and she's allowed back in the crowd. Being spayed is so worth it though. I hear that having puppies can do a number on your figure.
The building is quiet for nap time. I think that last run with Sage has everyone worn out. I am tired. I can barely dictate my blog for mommy to type.
Molly (Puggle) came to play for the afternoon. She likes to run around with Sage.

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