Monday, February 23, 2009

Reba has a new home!

Our foster friend Reba was adopted this weekend! She now lives in Massachusetts and seems to really like her new mom and dad. We're hoping Trisha (Lab/Hound) and Dolly (Lab/Hound) find homes soon, too. They were so busy playing today that I'm not sure if they even noticed that Reba is gone. They were playing with Cooper (Golden Retriever), Tiki (Golden Retriever), and Koco (Lab). Koco also played ball with Mason (Border Collie) for the first time. Jackson (Border Collie) and Molly (Mountain Cur) kept an eye on the little ones. Chico (Lhasa Poo) likes to hang out with Jackson and help patrol the room. They must walk/run a few miles over the course of the day. Keeva (Lab Mix) joined us this morning for a little play time before her spa day. She looked so shiny and pretty when her mom came to pick her up. My mommy tried to give her treats because she was so good for her nail trim, but she wouldn't eat. I can't believe someone would pass up food. Keeva played well with Koco. Keeva's mom knows JJ's grandma, so she knew about Koco, who is JJ's girlfriend. Chloe (Great Pyrenees) joined us to play this afternoon and loves to be outside. She certainly has the coat for cool weather.

Mommy says I should say hi to Judy (Koco's grandma) in my blog today. Apparently she's a great fan!

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