Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Funday!

We are having a busy day today with lots of friends, including another new one. Mauby (Sheltie/Eskimo mix) is here for her first day. She is still getting used to us, and totally lucked out by coming on a nice morning. We had the overhead doors open, so we could all run in and out as we pleased. The doors are already closed up for the afternoon. Bummer. Tiki (Golden Retriever) and Cooper (Golden Retriever) played together. "Mini" Cooper (Maltese) was back for his second day. He loved being outside and would venture back inside a little. He announced each time a train came by and seemed to have a great time with his friends. Chase (Lab / Border Collie) seems to like Mini Cooper a lot. Trisha (Lab/Hound) and Dolly (Lab/Hound) are making great strides in their potty training. There was only one accident between the two of them all morning.
Over in the big room, they are all exhausted. Jager (German Shorthair Pointer) has so much energy and everyone else tried to keep up with him. Hank (Shepherd mix) was ready to take a nap by mid-morning, but he kept pushing himself. Molly (Mountain Cur) loved being in a room of crazy dogs. She had a big grin on her face when I peeked in at her. Blitz (Bearded mix) played mostly with Hank and Jager. Even Poppy (Bearded collie formerly known as Molly) was too tired to keep chasing the ball by the end of the morning. Midnight (Lab) was with the big dogs today. She also seems to have a big smile all day.
Jackson (Border Collie), Mason (Border Collie) and Sage (Pug) joined us later in the day and will have a blast all afternoon, I'm sure.

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