Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our new fosters are here!

Boy are things lively in the small dog room today. We have three new foster puppies, all girls. My mommy says they are lab/hound mixes. One of them has the most beautiful singing voice, she sounds just like me. They still need names, so we are going to try to pick some today. Mattie (English Bulldog) and JJ (Lab mix) really like playing with the biggest puppy. Molly (Mountain cur) is fascinated by them. She keeps watching them and following them around. Tiki (Golden Retriever) had a good time playing with them at first, but decided taking a nap is more fun.
Koco (Lab) is here again recovering from surgery. We are all counting down the days until she can play with us. I know she is, too.

Jackson (Border Collie) and Mason (Border Collie) are going to join us later today. I wonder what they will think of the puppies.
We almost had a three Molly day, but the other two cancelled this morning. Darn snow! We'll try again next week. Maybe mommy can name the puppies all Molly. Tee hee!

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