Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

What fun group today! I played with Rowdy (Boxer), Molly (Beagle), Guinness (Terrier mix), Molly (Yorkie/Bichon), Tiki (Golden Retriever), Reba (Lab/Hound), Trisha (Lab/Hound), Dolly (Lab/Hound), and Tiffany (Cocker/Bichon). We weren't as obsessed with the tunnel as we were yesterday. Tiki and Rowdy really like each other. Maybe Rowdy will become Tiki's Tuesday boyfriend. She has Cooper as her Monday/Thursday boyfriend already.
In the large room today were JJ (Lab mix), Koco (Lab), Molly (Mountain Cur), Jackson (Border Collie), Mason (Border Collie) and Breezie (Boxer). JJ liked to climb to the top of the big slide and run into the little fort underneath it. Koco just wants to be wherever JJ is, or wrestling with her new BFF, Breezie. Mason chased balls, while Jackson kept everything in order.
We had a nice visit from the Alburtis fire department today. They were stopping by for a tour and to discuss our evacuation plans in case there is ever a fire. Mommy says we should all run to the nice men we met today if we ever see them in an emergency. I think that's good advice. They may have food. Mommy made sure that the fire fighters met our foster puppies before they left. A couple seemed interested. Although the girls seem to love it here, I'm sure they'd like to have a house to go home to at night.

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