Friday, February 6, 2009

Come on Spring!

I am getting a little tired of going potty on the snow. I hear things are going to warm up around here this weekend, and I can't wait!
Today we are having a much quieter day than yesterday. Reba (Lab/Hound), Trisha (Lab/Hound), Dolly (Lab/Hound), Tiki (Golden Retriever), Koco (Lab), Guinness (Terrier mix), Tiffany (Cocker Bichon) and I had a good time playing together. We didn't have a lot of crazy running and wrestling, like yesterday. We were happy to have Koco join us to play after her time off for recovery from her spay.
We have two new friends joining us for the afternoon. Quigley (Yorkshire Terrier) and Ronaldo (Lhasa Apso), along with two returning guests, Pumpkin (Golden/Border Collie Mix) and Abby (Lab/Border Collie Mix).

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