Thursday, February 19, 2009

The return of Mattie

We are having another great day here at the Lodge. Our friend Mattie (English Bulldog) had been away for a while and is back today. We really missed her, and I think she missed us, too. She played hard with JJ (Lab mix), Koco (Lab) in the big room then spent some time with us in the small room, too.
Back in the big room: JJ and Koco played together. Dodger (Golden Retriever) and Blitz (Bearded Collie mix) played together. Molly (Bearded Collie) and Mason (Border Collie) took turns retrieving balls and toys. Jackson (Border Collie) tried to keep order in the room, while Molly (Mountain Cur) oversaw the crowd. It is a great group!
In the small room: I played with Mattie, Indie (Carolina Dog), Molly (Beagle), Cooper (Golden Retriever), Tiki (Golden Retriever), Chico (Lhasa Poo), Reba (Lab/Hound), Trisha (Lab/Hound) and Dolly (Lab/Hound). Indie has really come out of her shell. She is running around, playing with us all. Trisha learned a new trick. She can climb up the crates to stand on top. What a little monkey! Chico tried to keep up with the ball chasing level from the big room, but that may be too much for him to do. He likes to take a break from ball chasing, while Molly and Mason do not.

I didn't post yesterday, so I'll summarize our day. Mason and Jackson were here, along with Lily (Weimeraner), Indie, Tiki, Reba, Trisha, Dolly and Sage (Pug). We were all perfect angels all day. :) Sage was good for her pedicure. She got to eat peanut butter as a reward. She didn't offer to share with me. Doesn't she know I love food?

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