Friday, April 24, 2009

We're getting ready to "Bark & Wine" tonight!

I am busy supervising the humans as they get things ready for the Bark & Wine tonight. I don't know how they would get it all done without me. Here to help me today are Tiki (Golden Retriever), Barrett (American Bulldog mix), Cooper (Yorkie), Oliver (Yorkie), Macie (Wheaton Poo), Jaycie (English Springer Spaniel), Daisy (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Raia (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Dora (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Zac (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Molly (Mountain Cur), Harley (English Bulldog), Breezie (Boxer), Rowdy (Boxer), Koco (Lab), Lucy (Lab), Sage (Pug), Guinness (Terrier mix) and last but not least, Parker (English Bulldog). The younger pups spent more time playing than working. Same thing with the labs and boxers. Barrett and Molly spent time chatting with the humans, but I think they were more interested in getting some love than in getting ready to party. The humans have almost completed my list - they have done some furniture rearranging, but still need to finish getting the food and drinks ready. I have offered my services as taste tester, especially for any meat or cheese related items. So far, mommy has just shared some veggies with me - so lame.

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