Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time to get caught up...

My little girl has been sick, so Mommy hasn't been able to type for me. Tiki (Golden Retriever) has been taking notes to be sure I don't miss anything.
King (Shepherd mix) our foster dog, went to his new home on Sunday. Congratulations King! Now we have three little eight week old puppies that are looking for a home. They are Zues (Doberman/Pit mix), Zena (Doberman/Pit mix) and Zac (Doberman/Pit mix). They are having a great time here and are really advanced with their potty training (at least that's what mommy says).
I slept over last weekend along with my brothers and sister while mommy and daddy went to a convention in Baltimore. Jackson (Lab/Doberman mix), Bruno (Beagle), Winston (Beagle/Border Collie)and I had a great time, but it was nice to get back home. I played with Shadow (Norwegian Elkhound), Falko (Schnauzer), Guinness (Terrier mix), Fifi (Pomeranian), Skippy (Pomeranian) and Campbell (Cairn mix).
On Monday, Chico (Lhasa Poo), Tiki, Jaycie (English Springer Spaniel) played. Tiki was the first to drop from exhaustion. Molly (Mountain Cur) and JJ (Lab mix) split their time between the two playrooms. Once Koco (Lab) got here, JJ was in heaven. He loves Koco! Also in the big room were Tucker (Golden Retriever), Otto (English Setter), and Barrett (Bulldog mix). Otto and Koco played hard together. Looks like JJ has some competition. Of course, Otto loves little Jaycie, so he's not really going to try to steal Koco away. Barrett and Tucker are more interested in getting extra petting from the humans than in wrestling with the crazy youngsters.
On Tuesday, the three puppies Zeus, Zena and Zac played with Sage (Pug) and Cooper (Maltese). Molly (Beagle) supervised and let the pups sniff her a bit. Sage joined the big crowd for part of the morning, too. She played with Jaycie, Tiki, Koco, Mattie (English Bulldog) and Molly. Molly and Tiki wrestled for a while.

I'll post for today this afternoon, but this should get everyone caught up on the latest at the Lodge.

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