Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Lucy!

We had another fun day here at the Lodge. Lucy (Lab) joined us for her first day. She is a chocolate lab, and JJ (Lab mix) totally fell for her. His girlfriend Koco (Lab) was here too today, so he split his time between both ladies. They also played with Breezie (Boxer), Rowdy (Boxer) and Mulligan (Golden Retriever). Mulligan jumped over to the small dog room part way through the morning to play with Jaycie (English Springer Spaniel) and Tiki (Golden Retriever). Jackson (Border Collie) kept watch over the little ones and seemed happiest when everyone was gathered in the middle of the room. Raia (Doberman/Pit mix), Zeus (Doberman/Pit mix) and Zac (Doberman/Pit mix) ran around a lot and napped together off an on. Zeus left at naptime to join his new family. I hope he comes to visit Renee' (Human) and me again soon. Cooper (Maltese) decided it is a lot of fun to walk all around the room, as long as he could stay near the wall. He really went on an adventure! Honey (Golden Retriever), Molly (Mountain Cur) and Molly (Beagle) swapped stories about the little ones and made sure Jackson didn't take his job as law enforcer too seriously. He knows the girls are really in charge here. :)

Now to get everyone caught up on the last few days. We had a great Easter weekend here. Koda (Shepherd mix), Gilly (Lab/Shepherd mix), Angel (Golden Retriever), Buddy (Pointer mix), Sashi (Tibetan Terrier), Riley (Lhasa Poo), Zeus, Zac and Koalby (Labradoodle) were all here. Koalby just came to play for the day on Saturday and had a great time! Sashi and Gilly played together a lot and Koda jumped in periodically. Angel and Buddy were still pretty tired from playing for several days and took a few extra naps over the weekend.

On Monday, we had a nice crowd. Tucker (Golden Retriever) met a possible new girlfriend, Honey. She isn't as sure about starting a new romance. He also played with Jaycie, Gilly, JJ, Tiki, and a little with Angel and Buddy. Raia, Zeus and Zac enjoyed being reunited, and Raia had a good first day of officially being in the PPTAP. Chico (Lhasa Poo) and JJ are learning to hang out together a little bit more. Chico will never love JJ as much as he loves Jackson though.

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