Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF weekly round-up

Some of you may not know that in addition to running the lodge, I also have two human kids at home to help mommy raise. They have been keeping me up at night this week, so I haven't had time to write. Here's the entire week in review...

We welcomed several new friends this past week - Maya (Border Collie/Spaniel mix), Blaze (Lab), and Keeta (Neopolitan Mastiff). We also welcomed a new foster puppy, Katie (Rottweiler mix). She joins Avery (Lab/pitbull) mix who is also looking for her forever family. To keep this welcoming going, we also welcomed back two friends who took some time off for surgery. Rowdy (Boxer) and Mason (Border Collie) had the big snip.

Over the weekend, Lucy (Lab) played with Jager (German Shorthaired Pointer) and Avery. Avery also played a lot with her new BFF Indie (Carolina Dog). Sashi (Tibetan Terrier), Falko (Schnauzer) and Maya joined in on the fun, too. I made an appearance for one play session on Sunday.

On Monday, the large room was hopping. Koco (Lab), Blitz (Bearded Collie mix), Poppy (Bearded Collie) had enough action for an entire herd of puppies. Later in the day, they combined groups with the small room. Tiki (Golden Retriever), Riley (Lhasa Poo), Molly (Mountain Cur), Chico (Lhasa Poo), Otto (English Setter), Jaycie (English Springer Spaniel), Raia (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Daisy (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Avery, and Indie rounded out the crowd. Jaycie made her rounds, playing with everyone and anyone. Riley, Molly and Chico were less interested in the craziness. Otto played mostly with Avery and Indie. The ladies let him into their new clique. JJ (Lab mix) joined us in the afternoon and played hard with Blitz.

On Tuesday, Indie, Jackson (Border Collie), Cooper (Maltese), Molly (Beagle), Raia, Daisy, Dyson (Jack Russell Terrier), and Keeta took over the small room. Keeta started her morning in the large room, but she just wanted to rest. The crowd was too wild for her to relax. Over in the big room were Blaze, Bingo (Border Collie mix), Gabby (Lab), Mulligan (Golden Retriever), Koco, Katie, Avery, and Tiki. Gabby had a great time playing in the water bowl. When she and Koco are playing together, it's really hard to tell them apart. Gabby got a little booboo under her eye and mommy checked both dogs three times to be sure she knew which mommy to tell. We think it's the result of a flying dewclaw in all the crazy lab wrestling. Koalby (Labradoodle) and Midnight (Lab) joined the fun in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, Midnight played with Chase (Lab/Border Collie), Avery, Katie, and Tiki played well together. Once they got their initial energy out, we opened the door between the rooms. They joined Jaycie, Raia, Daisy, Koalby, Maya, Buster (Maltese), Lucy (Papillon), Molly (Mountian Cur), Sage (Pug), and Lily (Weimeraner). Koalby played a lot of fetch. The young puppies did a lot of napping. Everyone else split their time between playing and resting. In the afternoon, Sage and Raia were inseperable. Koda (Border Collie) mix came for some games of chase in the afternoon.

On Thursday, Koco, Katie, Avery, JJ, Koalby, Midnight, Mattie (English Bulldog), and Harley (English Bulldog) were together in the large room. Tiki, Raia, Daisy, Cooper (Maltese), Cooper (Yorkie) , Otto, Chico, Molly (Beagle), Zoey, and I played in the small room. Koalby played with Midnight and Koco, but most of the crowd was so stunned to see the sun that we lounged around. Cooper had some fun playing in the mini-pool, which is known to the rest of us as the water bowl. That's him in the picture.

Today is Friday, and we have a big crowd again. Tiki, Avery, Daisy, Raia, Callie (Sheltie), Cooper, Cooper, Dyson, Koalby, Maya, Barrett (American Bulldog mix), Rowdy, Guinness (Terrier mix), Breezie (Boxer), Katie, Hank (Shepherd mix), Koco, Midnight, Blitz, and Poppy are all here. What a fun week!

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