Friday, May 1, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

I had a great time meeting lots of new people and new dogs at the Iron Pigs game last night. We saw a few faces we recognized and a lot of new ones, too. While walking around with mommy I snatched up some crumbs and even grabbed a piece of fried dough that someone had set aside. Yummy!

Today we are welcoming two new dogs - Duke (Golden Retriever) and Gabby (Lab). They played with Jethro (Lab/Shepherd), Tiki (Golden Retriever) and Molly (Mountain Cur). Duke likes to climb on the jungle gyms, and Gabby really likes to splash in the water bowls. She looks like she went to the pool. In the small room today, we have Raia (Doberman/Pitbull mix), Daisy (Doberman/Pitbull mix), and Dora (Doberman/Pitbull mix). Dora is leaving today for her new home - congratulations! Dyson (Jack Russell) played a little with Chico (Lhasa Poo), Jaycie (English Springer Spaniel), but had a great time running around with Bruno (Beagle). Inky (English Springer Spaniel) was more interested in getting some good petting from the people and watching the others play.

Now to get caught up again...

On Wednesday, Lucy (German Shepherd) and Jaycie played together a lot. Mulligan (Golden Retriever) played with Tiki, and both let Raia, Daisy and Dora climb all over them. Chase (Lab/Border Collie mix) played with everyone that would let him. Lily (Weimeraner) and Inky stayed a bit more to themselves, but made sure to get lots of attention from the people. Sage (Pug) played with the puppies and snuggled with them for naps. Koda (Bernese mix) joined the group later in the day and played a lot with Jaycie. Molly (Mountain Cur) played with Tiki and chased balls for a while. She was full of energy!
On Thursday, Otto (English Setter) started in the big dog room with Shelby (Boxer), Cooper (Golden Retriever) and Tiki. Koco (Lab), Blitz (Bearded mix) and Molly (Bearded Collie) joined them, too. Then Otto switched rooms to play with the puppies, Sage (Pug), Cooper (Maltese), Bailey (Cockapoo) and Cooper (Yorkie). Cooper the Yorkie must have heard about all the fun we had earlier in the week with the pool. We had the extra large water bowl, and he just hopped right inside. Silly boy.

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