Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cindy Lou, we'll see you...

Cindy Lou (Boston Terrier) has become one of my good friends. She's been staying at the lodge since a few days before Christmas. Her mommy and daddy picked her up today. Cindy Lou had a little spa treatment on the house before she left. Now she is looking good and smelling extra fresh. We'll miss seeing her, but are sure she's glad to be home with her family. Molly (Beagle), Chico (LhasaPoo) Tiki (Golden Retriever) and I waved goodbye and hope she comes back soon!
Boomer (Coonhound) and Koco (Chocolate Lab) have been playing hard all day. Koco loves to run around and be chased, then run under the bed. She's going to be visiting us three times this week, so things are going to stay lively.
We just got a call from Molly (Bearded Collie) and Blitz (Bearded mix) that they are going to join us for the afternoon. The people here should get their throwing arms warmed up. Molly can chase balls and ropes all day.

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